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desilvacolorAs a healer and a physician, I have always believed to extend my knowledge and intentions into the universal care of the patient. One of my favorite expressions is "The best of both worlds." The unity of the worlds of medicine from both the East and the West.
HOST: Dr. DeSilva
As a healer and a physician, I have always believed to extend my knowledge and intentions into the universal care of the patient. One of my favorite expressions is "The best of both worlds." The unity of the worlds of medicine from both the East and the West.

Eastern medicine has existed for 5000 years while Western medicine although newborn has a great deal to offer. The essential key is to unite these two cultures and incorporate them in a safe and effective manner for the diagnosis and healing process of the patient. The primary words to this are safe and effective. Each patient is different and has a unique set of needs - in this case, one size does not fit all.

As I strive to know my patients and access their individual health concerns and needs, a cooperative plan of care will be formulated. Ideally, each individual must be encouraged to be responsible for one's health. Once this concept is embraced, I will able to assist each one in their road to better health.
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Topic: Dangers Of MP3 Players And Rock Concerts
Guest(s): Dr. Scott Zaszuba
Avoiding Hearing Loss Popular
Guest(s):Dr. Scott Zaszuba
Topic Info:Dr. Scott Zaszuba joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss the steps you can take to protect your hearing.
Show Date:2011-03-07
Topic: Common Summer Ailments For Women
Guest(s): Dr. Lauren Streicher
Women's Guide to Spring & Summer Health
Guest(s):Dr. Lauren Streicher
Topic Info:Dr. Lauren Streicher joins Dr DeSilva to offer tips to women on common summer ailments and frustrations such as: how to avoid infection or irritation from Bikini or Brazilian waxing or other forms of hair removal, how to prevent yeast infections from wet ...
Show Date:2011-03-01
Topic: The Buteyko Method
Guest(s): Sasha and Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen
A Safe, Nonmedical Treatment For Asthma
Guest(s):Sasha and Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen
Topic Info:Sasha and Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen join Dr. DeSilva to explain that, put simply, the Buteyko breathing techniques help a person quickly normalize CO2 levels in the lungs, causing the walls of the bronchioles to relax, and opening up the airways. Inste ...
Show Date:2011-03-01
Topic: A New Approach To Seasonal Allergies
Guest(s): Dr. Allan Magaziner
New Advances in the Treatment of Allergies
Guest(s):Dr. Allan Magaziner
Topic Info:Dr. Allan Magaziner joins Dr. Desilva to discuss sublingual desensitization, which uses orally administered drops or pills instead of shots, is a safer, less invasive approach to managing allergy symptoms. It is also more convenient – as it can be se ...
Show Date:2011-03-01
Topic: Coping With Essential Tremor
Guest(s): Catherine Rice
What Is Essential Tremor?
Guest(s):Catherine Rice
Topic Info:Catherine Rice joins Dr. DeSilva to explain Essential Tremor (ET), the most common movement disorder.
Show Date:2011-03-01
Topic: Prostate Cancer Risks & Testing
Guest(s): Dr. Bruce Roth
1 In 6 Men Will Get Prostate Cancer
Guest(s):Dr. Bruce Roth
Topic Info:One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Dr. Bruce Roth joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss that despite these alarming statistics, many men will not discuss their risks, or testing and treatment options with their doctors – un ...
Show Date:2011-02-22
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Topic: How Your Posture Effects Your Health
Guest(s): Dr. Steven Weiniger
Mom Was Right: Good Posture Matters! Featured
Topic: How To Improve Your Heart Health
Guest(s): Richard Stein, M.D.
Is Your Hearth Healthy? (It May Not Be...)
Guest(s):Richard Stein, M.D.
Topic Info:Americans think they are in better heart health than they really are. According to a recent American Heart Association survey, nearly 40 percent thought they were in ideal heart health, when in reality less than 1 percent of Americans have an ideal profil ...
Show Date:2011-02-22
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Topic: Advice For MS Caregivers
Guest(s): Lainie Messina
Home Health Care Tips For Living With Multiple Sclerosis Featured
Topic: The Difference Between Curing And Healing
Guest(s): Dr. William Hablitzel
The Curing Of Disease And Healing Of People
Guest(s):Dr. William Hablitzel
Topic Info:Dr. William Hablitzel joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss what he feels to be the profound difference between the curing of disease and healing of people.
Show Date:2011-02-21
Topic: Help For Incontinent Women
Guest(s): Michael S. Ingber, M.D.
Many Women With Incontinence Suffer in Silence Featured
Topic: Help For women Suffering From Vaginal Dryness
Guest(s): Mary Jane Minkin, M.D.
Are You Suffering From Vaginal Dryness?
Guest(s):Mary Jane Minkin, M.D.
Topic Info:Dr. Mary Jane Minkin joins Dr. DeSilva to offer help to those fighting uncomfortable symptoms of menopause and cancer side effects.
Show Date:2011-02-21
Topic: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Still A Problem
Guest(s): Dr. Levi Harrison
Prevent & Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Guest(s):Dr. Levi Harrison
Topic Info:Although it might seem that carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition born from long hours spent working on a computer keyboard, carpal tunnel syndrome actually has numerous causes. Dr. Levi Harrison joins Dr. DeSilva to explain that, fortunately, for most pe ...
Show Date:2011-02-21
Topic: Are You At Risk For A Heart Attack?
Guest(s): Herbert A. Insel, MD
Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk Factors
Guest(s):Herbert A. Insel, MD
Topic Info:Dr. Herbert A. Insel joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss the many ways you can take better care of your heart and reduce your risk for heart disease.
Show Date:2011-02-15
Topic: Do You Need To Change What Your Family Eats?
Guest(s): Dr. Kristine Clark
What The New Dietary Guidelines Mean For Parents
Guest(s):Dr. Kristine Clark
Topic Info:Dr. Kristine Clark joins Dr. DeSilva to explain that for parents, the new dietary guidelines present some very practical problems, not the least of which is, “How will I get my kids to eat these healthier foods?”
Show Date:2011-02-15
Topic: What is Peripheral Neuropathy?
Guest(s): Dr. John Kessler
Link Between Diabetes & Peripheral Neuropathy Popular
Guest(s):Dr. John Kessler
Topic Info:Peripheral neuropathy is caused by nerve damage. Dr. John Kessler joins Dr. DeSilva to explain that it can result from such problems as traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems and exposure to toxins, and that one of the most common causes is di ...
Show Date:2011-02-15
Topic: Understanding Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Guest(s): Srihari Naidu, MD
1 in 500 Athletes At Risk Of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Featured
Topic: How To Protect & Restore Your Health
Guest(s): Dr. Stephen Coles
Extraordinary Healing
Guest(s):Dr. Stephen Coles
Topic Info:Dr. Stephen Coles joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss his new book "Extraordinary Healing", which documents the extraordinary story of French researcher Mirko Beljanski, known as the father of environmental medicine. Beljanski's discovery of destabilized DNA and ...
Show Date:2011-02-10
Topic: How To Get The Most From Your Relationship With Your Doctor
Guest(s): Nancy Metcalf
What Doctors Wish Their Patients Knew Popular
Guest(s):Nancy Metcalf
Topic Info:Nancy Metcalf, a Senior Program Editor at Consumer Reports magazine, joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss the results from a new doctors’ poll and a companion survey of 49,007 Consumer Reports subscribers about their experiences with physicians. She will also o ...
Show Date:2011-02-10
More Information Popular
Topic: Are Generic Drugs Just As Effective As Brand-Names?
Guest(s): Lisa Gill
Brand-Name Drugs vs. Low Cost Generics
Guest(s):Lisa Gill
Topic Info:Lisa Gill joins Dr. DeSilva to explain that drugmakers shell out billions of dollars each year to target consumers with their ads. In 2009, they spent $4.3 billion to reach consumers and $6.6 billion on promotions aimed at doctors, according to IMS Health ...
Show Date:2011-02-10
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