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Privacy Policy

Our Promise
Health Radio cares about your privacy. We respect the privacy of all your personal information and understand the need to protect it. We especially understand that your health is a particularly personal and private subject. We are committed to giving you choices about your personal information. This policy will tell you more about our commitment to your privacy, explain what information we collect and how it is used, and provide you with specific choices concerning that information. This policy applies to consumers accessing Health Radio’s sites, and those of its affiliates, in the United States.

Our Commitment
Health Radio, as a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), follows the DMA's "Privacy Promise to American Consumers." We (1) provide customers with notice of their ability to opt out of information sharing with other marketers; (2) honor customers' requests not to share their information with other marketers; and (3) honor customers' requests not to receive solicitations from Health Radio.

The Information We Collect
In general, you can visit many of our web pages without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. However, we receive and store certain types of information whenever you visit one of our sites. We may track the Internet domain address from which people visit us and analyze this data for trends and statistics, but individual users will remain anonymous, unless you voluntarily tell us who you are. We may use "cookies" that allow our system to recognize your browser and help us personalize your online experience.

Our site's community and newsletter signup forms require users to give us personal information that may include: (i) first and last name; (ii) address; (iii) email address; and (iv) phone number. We use the member’s personal information from the registration and (or) subscription forms to send him or her information about membership benefits, about our company, product information, promotional offers and discount information that a user may find of interest and value. The member contact information is also used to contact you when necessary.

We may receive information about you, such as delivery and address information, from other sources. In the course of our business, we may sell or buy stores, subsidiaries or other business units. Customer data may be transferred in a business transaction, but it will remain subject to our privacy policy.

There may be times, such as when you order a product, register to receive catalogs or email offers, or register to participate in other services or promotions, at which we ask you to provide information about yourself. This could include your name, shipping and billing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and credit card or other information.

Whether or not you provide such information is completely your own choice. But if you choose not to provide the information we request, you may be unable to access certain services or promotions.

How We Use Your Information
We use the personally identifiable information you provide for internal purposes, such as confirming and tracking your order, confirming your receipt of emails, registration, analyzing trends and statistics, informing you of our new products, services, offers, and promotions and so on. Health Radio may share or store your information with that of our affiliated companies. Also, from time to time, we engage others to perform certain functions for us. We may give third party providers access to personal information to the extent they need it to perform their tasks, but we do not permit them to use this information for any other purpose. In addition, we may share your information with select marketing partners. It is our intention that these companies be highly targeted to your interests and preferences. We describe below how you may choose to opt-out of contact from our marketing partners.

To serve you better, we may combine information you give us online, in stores, through mailings, or other marketing media. We use that combined information to enhance and personalize your shopping experience with us, and to communicate with you about our products, services and promotions that may be of interest to you.

Unsubscribe or Opt-Out of our Promotions
We want to tailor our communication with you to your preferences. You can manage and edit your email preferences in when you are signed in on Health Radio in the My Profile section.

Please note that sometimes these requests may take up to 90 days to be effective, particularly if we are removing your name from mailing lists. We reserve the right to contact you concerning any purchases you have made with us or in regard to any services or promotions of which you are already taking advantage.

As mentioned above, if you choose not to provide us with certain information, you may not be able to access certain services or promotions.

We Care About the Safety of Children
Health Radio cares about the safety of children and the privacy of their personal information. This site is intended for a general audience. You must be 18 years of age or older to register with us or to purchase from our site. We do not knowingly correspond with or market to children under the age of 18.

If you would like to learn about how to protect your children online, visit the FTC at: www.ftc.gov/kidzprivacy

Our Web servers send information to your computer when you are on our Website. We also collect anonymous, non-personal information about your use of our site through the use of "Cookies". A cookie is information that a Web site puts on your hard disk so that it can remember something about you at a later time.  Typically, a cookie records your preferences when using a particular site. Using the Web's Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), each request for a Web page is independent of all other requests. For this reason, the Web page server has no memory of what pages it has sent to a user previously or anything about your previous visits. A cookie is a mechanism that allows the server to store its own information about a user on the user's own computer. You can view the cookies that have been stored on your hard disk (although the content stored in each cookie may not make much sense to you). It is most important to understand that while a “cookie” may tract and therefore “know” what pages are visited on a website, they do not identify or know who the person using the computer is.

Your browser software can be set to reject all cookies. Most browsers offer instructions on how to reset the browser to reject cookies in the "Help" section of the toolbar. If you reject our cookie, certain functions and conveniences of our site may not work properly. However, it is not essential for you to accept our cookie in order to productively use our site.

Cookies are used to help us understand what products, services and promotions might interest you. Through use of cookies, we can learn how many people are visiting our site. Cookies also allow us to say "welcome back" to you and display your name and profile when you come back to visit. Your computer can be set to refuse cookies or to simply notify you when they are in use. Our use of cookies is not exclusive. We may use other technologies as well.
Sponsors or advertisers on healthradio.net may also use their own cookies when you click on their advertisement or link to their site or service. Some advertisers use companies other than Health Radio to serve their ads and these companies may also collect non-personal information through the use of cookies on their website. We do not control these third parties' use of Cookies, or how they manage the non-personal information they gather through them.

Therefore, you should review the privacy policy of other sites you visit or link to from our site to understand how these other sites use cookies and how they use the information they collect through the use of cookies on their own sites.

We strive to use the most sophisticated technology to protect your personal information and we are looking to raise our standards, whenever possible. We use 128-bit encryption for all of our Web forms, including our email newsletter and subscription services. You will notice that all of our forms have a URL beginning with “HTTPS” which ensure that you are on an encrypted, secure page that will protect the personal information you might enter.
We are also an approved McAfee Secure company, protected by the recognizable Hacker Safe/McAfee Safe standards.

Please be aware that information that passes over the Internet is not all in our control. Therefore, we cannot offer any guarantees about the security of your data while it is in transmission. Use of the Internet in general carries a certain risk. After your personal information is transmitted to us, we will do everything we reasonably can to protect it.

Your name, shipping and billing addresses, and credit card number(s) are used in order to provide you with the goods that you purchase from us on our network of Web sites. We use your email address to provide you with information about your order or your free subscriptions, and will occasionally send out other emails such as newsletters or special offers and product information related to your purchase or cited interests. Your phone number may be used in the event that our customer service representatives need to contact you about an order that was placed or any related product specials or promotions that might be taking place.

Other Websites
We do not control the Privacy Policies of sites that may be linked to ours. If you have a question or concern about Privacy on a site, please be sure to read the policy of that site.

We Follow the Law
We share information with law enforcement if required to do so by law, by court order or by other legal processes. If you are a California resident, California Civil Code Section 1798.83 may entitle you to receive additional information from us regarding our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes and your right to opt-out of such disclosure. Please email us or call us using the addresses above, if you do not want us to share your name and contact information with any third parties, or notify us at any time by writing to us at the postal mail address below.

Postal Address Lists
If you provide us with your postal address, we may include that address in postal address lists that we sell or rent to third parties. If you would like us to stop including your postal address in such lists, please send us a letter to the following address requesting that we remove your postal address from these lists. If we receive such a letter from you, we will act as promptly as possible to remove your postal address from future postal address lists that we sell or rent to third parties.

Updating Our Privacy Policy
We may decide to update our privacy policy, partially or in its entirety, at any time. If we do, we will post a notice on our Website, with an effective date for the new policy. The policy will be reviewed from time to time, or as required by changes in the law. We expect to review the policy at least once a year.

If You Would Like to Learn More About Privacy
We want you to understand how to protect your data. We also want you to understand the current laws involved in protecting you as a consumer. Please visit these sites for more information:

Contact Us
We value your feedback. If you have comments or questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

Effective Date
The effective date for this policy is October 1, 2008

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 April 2010 04:37

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