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womanYour comprehensive library of ON Demand talk radio shows and podcasts all about women's health A to Z...from alternative health to western medicine and everything in between.  Learn about the latest in prevention,  treatments, surgeries and advancements in medicine and technology available to help you achieve optimal health and wellness all year round .  Listen to authors, nurses, patients and the top doctors in the country and from all over the world discuss the latest news and information about women's health with our Health Radio docs and talk personalities. 

This is information you will want to download and give to the women in your life.  Isn't their health worth it!

The Physiology and Anatomy of Sex

Applying the Embrace Your Range Program

Nutrition And Fitness Considerations For Women Pre- And Post-Menopause

Detecting Lung Cancer at Early Stage - Reduce Risk of Dying!

Stroke in Women

Pelvic Pain: Prevention and Treatment

How to be Stress-Free this Spring and Summer

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Topic: Exercise and Weight Loss
Guest(s): Joseph Donnelly, Ed.D., FACSM
Maintaining Weight Loss
Guest(s):Joseph Donnelly, Ed.D., FACSM
Topic Info:Joseph Donnelly, Director of The Center For Physical Activity and Weight Management joins the show to discuss ACSM's New Weight Loss and Exercise Guidelines. This is an important show for those trying to lead healthier lives and manage their weight!
Show Date:2009-03-24
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Topic: Heart Disease
Guest(s): Dr. Marc Eisenberg
Risk Factors for Heart Disease Featured
Topic: Women's Heart Health
Guest(s): Dr. Marc Eisenberg
WOMEN'S HEART HEALTH: Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Heart
Guest(s):Dr. Marc Eisenberg
Topic Info:February is National Heart Health Month! Dr. Marc Eisenberg from Columbia Eastside joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss heart health in women. This show could just save the life of the women in yours...
Show Date:2009-02-20
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Topic: How to Read Your Cholesterol Blood Tests
How to Read Your Cholesterol Blood Tests
Topic Info:Dr. DeSilva and his Acceleration Health co-host, Donna discuss how to check and read your cholesterol blood tests. Dr. DeSilva conducts a weekly FREE conference call every Tuesday evening on www.AlternativeHealthJournal.com. Please feel free to register ...
Show Date:2009-02-20
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Topic: Bio-identical Hormone Therapy
Guest(s): Dr. Darren Clair
Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Featured
Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Part II Featured
Topic: Pre-Conception, Healthy Bodies for Fertility
Guest(s): Dr. David Tieman
Pre-Conception, Healthy Bodies for Fertility
Guest(s):Dr. David Tieman
Show Date:2008-03-06
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Topic: Breast Cancer: News and Latest Advances
Guest(s): Dr. Virginia Kaklamani, MD
Breast Cancer: News and Latest Advances Featured
Topic: Stress and Cellulite
Guest(s): Dr. Delia Simu
Stress and Cellulite Popular
Guest(s):Dr. Delia Simu
Topic Info:In 1988, Dr. Delia Simu graduated as a medical doctor from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacology in Cluj, Romania. In addition to the start-up and operation of her busy family medical practice, Dr. Simu also accepted a teaching post as an assistant pr ...
Show Date:2007-07-24
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Topic: Cancer Schmancer
Guest(s): Fran Drescher
Special Guest: Fran Drescher - Cancer Schmancer Featured Popular
Topic: none
Womens health, hormones, thyroid, inflamation
Show Date:2007-04-04
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The strongest self Featured
What foods age you....anti-aging superfoods
Show Date:2007-03-21
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Healing and Empowerment for Women
Show Date:2007-03-16
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Womens Heart Issues
Show Date:2007-03-09
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