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heartYour comprehensive library of ON Demand talk radio shows and podcasts all about heart health...from early detection to prevention to treatment options and what's on the horizon.  Listen to authors, nurses, patients, celebrities and the top doctors in the country and from all over the world discuss the latest news and information about your heart with our Health Radio docs and talk personalities.

This is information you will want to download and give to your relatives and friends.  It could just save your life!
Cardiac Medications: How And Why They're Used

Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease

The Maze Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation

Common Foot and Ankle Injuries In Runners

Exercise To Alleviate Medical Concerns; Cramping, Bloating, etc

Heart Disease Prevention In Women

1 in 500 Athletes At Risk Of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

On Demand and Podcasts
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Topic: Cholesterol Management
Guest(s): Richard Lampman, Ph.D., FACSM
The Best Types of Exercise for Lowering Cholesterol Featured Popular
Topic: Heart Health
Guest(s): Richard L. Page, MD, FHRS
Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Know the Warning Signs! Featured Popular
Topic: Exercise and Fitness Myths and Realities
Guest(s): David Swain, Ph.D., FACSM
Exercise/ Heart Rate Rx Techniques
Guest(s):David Swain, Ph.D., FACSM
Topic Info:It happens all the time: someone you know or a buddy at your gym passes along an exercise tip, and then you pass it on to several people you know and so on and so on... One day, you're at the gym, and sure enough, you hear the same tip repeated, so you fi ...
Show Date:2009-09-15
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Topic: Heart Disease: Detection and Prevention
Guest(s): Leonard J. Moss, D.O., F.A.C.C. and Patient, Andrea
An Early Detection for Heart Disease? Featured
Topic: American Heart Association’s Start! Campaign
Guest(s): Dr. Timothy Gardner
American Heart Association's President Urges People to Walk
Guest(s):Dr. Timothy Gardner
Topic Info:Just in time for the nicer spring weather, Dr. Timothy J. Gardner, president of the American Heart Association, encourages us to ditch the work shoes and put on sneakers in celebration of National Start! Walking Day (April 8th) as part of the American He ...
Show Date:2009-04-07
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Topic: Heart Disease
Guest(s): Dr. Marc Eisenberg
Risk Factors for Heart Disease Featured
Topic: Women's Heart Health
Guest(s): Dr. Marc Eisenberg
WOMEN'S HEART HEALTH: Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Heart
Guest(s):Dr. Marc Eisenberg
Topic Info:February is National Heart Health Month! Dr. Marc Eisenberg from Columbia Eastside joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss heart health in women. This show could just save the life of the women in yours...
Show Date:2009-02-20
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Topic: Can a Broken Heart Kill You?
Guest(s): Dr. Kirk Laman
Can a Broken Heart Kill You?
Guest(s):Dr. Kirk Laman
Topic Info:With the bad economy and this fast moving world we live in, stress is putting our health at risk! Stress has been shown to create a dangerous buildup of cholesterol. Dr. Kirk Laman, cardiologist and author joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss his new ebook, "A ...
Show Date:2009-02-20
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Topic: How to Read Your Cholesterol Blood Tests
How to Read Your Cholesterol Blood Tests
Topic Info:Dr. DeSilva and his Acceleration Health co-host, Donna discuss how to check and read your cholesterol blood tests. Dr. DeSilva conducts a weekly FREE conference call every Tuesday evening on www.AlternativeHealthJournal.com. Please feel free to register ...
Show Date:2009-02-20
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Topic: Heart Health
Guest(s): Dr. James Beckerman; Michele Robichaux
HEART HEALTH: Prevention and Risk Factors Featured
HEART HEALTH: Surgery, Stents, and Pacemakers
Guest(s):Dr. James Beckerman
Topic Info:Cardiologist, James Beckerman joins Dr. Derrick DeSilva to discuss heart health. For those that have a history of heart disease or know someone that is need of surgery, this show may answer many of your questions!
Show Date:2009-02-16
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Heart Healthy Foods
Guest(s):Michele Robichaux
Topic Info:Eating Heart healthy is becoming a much needed trend these days. FoodieView is one important resource people can use to help guide them to a variety of nutritious and healthy recipes and meal options.
Show Date:2009-02-16
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Topic: New Technology for the Irregular Heart Beat
Guest(s): Practicing Cardiac Electrophysiologist at Mission Hospital, Dr. Aseem Desai, M.D.
Advanced Technology for the Irregular Heartbeat Featured Popular
Topic: Minimally Invasive Cardiac Monitoring System
Guest(s): David LaVance
Minimally Invasive Cardiac Monitoring System
Guest(s):David LaVance
Topic Info:David LaVance is Chairman, President and CEO of Scivanta Medical Corporation. Scivanta Medical Corporation is a Nevada corporation that is headquartered in Spring Lake, New Jersey. The Company is focused on acquiring and developing medical technologies a ...
Show Date:2007-08-27
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Topic: Preventive Cardiology, Cardiac Rehab & Stress Testing
Guest(s): Dr. Barry Franklin PhD
Preventive Cardiology, Cardiac Rehab & Stress Testing
Guest(s):Dr. Barry Franklin PhD
Show Date:2007-08-14
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Topic: Heart Health
Guest(s): Kristin Chenoweth
SPECIAL GUEST Kristin Chenoweth: Women's Heart Health Featured Popular
Topic: Migraines
Guest(s): Dr. Ted Feldman, MD
Guest(s):Dr. Ted Feldman, MD
Show Date:2007-06-26
Topic: none
General Heart Health
Show Date:2007-04-05
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SLEEP / Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease / WHAT IT TAKES TO...
Show Date:2007-03-24
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Easy to understand description of the healthy lifestyle / Everyth...
Show Date:2007-03-17
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