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heartYour comprehensive library of ON Demand talk radio shows and podcasts all about heart health...from early detection to prevention to treatment options and what's on the horizon.  Listen to authors, nurses, patients, celebrities and the top doctors in the country and from all over the world discuss the latest news and information about your heart with our Health Radio docs and talk personalities.

This is information you will want to download and give to your relatives and friends.  It could just save your life!
Cardiac Medications: How And Why They're Used

Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease

The Maze Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation

Common Foot and Ankle Injuries In Runners

Exercise To Alleviate Medical Concerns; Cramping, Bloating, etc

Heart Disease Prevention In Women

1 in 500 Athletes At Risk Of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

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Topic: Women's Health
Guest(s): Lynn Millar, Ph.D., P.T., FACSM
Exercise To Alleviate Medical Concerns; Cramping, Bloating, etc Featured
Arthritis Prevention And Management
Guest(s):Lynn Millar, Ph.D., P.T., FACSM
Topic Info:Lynn Millar, Ph.D., P.T., FACSM, comes on the show to discuss womens health. She will discuss how exercise can help women prevent heart disease, lose weight after the age of 40, help with cramping and bloating, and help with Arthritis Pain management.
Show Date:2011-04-19
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Topic: How To Improve Your Heart Health
Guest(s): Richard Stein, M.D.
Is Your Hearth Healthy? (It May Not Be...)
Guest(s):Richard Stein, M.D.
Topic Info:Americans think they are in better heart health than they really are. According to a recent American Heart Association survey, nearly 40 percent thought they were in ideal heart health, when in reality less than 1 percent of Americans have an ideal profil ...
Show Date:2011-02-22
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Topic: Are You At Risk For A Heart Attack?
Guest(s): Herbert A. Insel, MD
Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk Factors
Guest(s):Herbert A. Insel, MD
Topic Info:Dr. Herbert A. Insel joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss the many ways you can take better care of your heart and reduce your risk for heart disease.
Show Date:2011-02-15
Topic: Understanding Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Guest(s): Srihari Naidu, MD
1 in 500 Athletes At Risk Of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Featured
Topic: Tips For Improving Your Overall Heart Health
Guest(s): Gail Goodman
Healthy Heart Habits
Guest(s):Gail Goodman
Topic Info:Gail Goodman joins Dr. DeSilva to offer tips for how to improve your overall heart health and reduce the likelihood of contracting coronary disease.
Show Date:2011-02-14
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Topic: Health Benefits Of Meditation
Guest(s): Gary Kaplan, D.O.
Mindfulness Meditation Benefits For The Body
Guest(s):Gary Kaplan, D.O.
Topic Info:Dr. Kaplan joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss how meditation can help to promote wellness, and also play an important role in how you feel, both physically and mentally.
Show Date:2011-02-14
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Topic: Heart Disease
Guest(s): Comilla Sasson, MD; Dr. Al Sacchetti; Dr. Bryn Mumma
Pre-Hospital Cardiac Care AED’s
Guest(s):Comilla Sasson, MD
Topic Info:In many cases, critical cardiac treatment happens before a patient even gets to the ER. A new study was released in Annals of Emergency Medicine indicating that most people would not use an AED in the event of a cardiac emergency. Often they don’t kno ...
Show Date:2011-02-11
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Cardiac Injuries with Athletes and Young Patients Featured
Sex Bias in Cardiovascular Testing
Guest(s):Dr. Bryn Mumma
Topic Info:What are the differences between men and women when it comes to cardiac testing. We will talk about this with the author of a new study published in Annals of Emergency medicine. Are some tests less conclusive for women and what are the biases both health ...
Show Date:2011-02-11
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Topic: Whole Grains For A Healthy Life
Guest(s): Dr. Travis Stork
Dr. Travis Stork Encourages Us to Eat Whole Grains Featured Popular
Topic: Do You Really Need Those Cholesterol Lowering Drugs?
Guest(s): Terry Lemerond
High Cholesterol is a Big Problem (or is it?) Featured
The Real Problem with Cholesterol
Guest(s):Terry Lemerond
Topic Info:Terry discusses how the interaction of inflammation, cholesterol and free radicals increase your risk of a heart attack.
Show Date:2011-02-09
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Prevent that Heart Attack – Naturally Featured
Reducing Cholesterol Naturally – Terry Answers Your Questions
Guest(s):Terry Lemerond
Topic Info:Host Terry Lemerond answers listener questions. Call in during the LIVE show at, or email
Show Date:2011-02-09
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Topic: Coronary Artery Disease Prevention
Guest(s): Dr. James Beckerman
Treatment & Prevention Of Coronary Artery Disease Featured Popular
Topic: Stroke & Heart-Attack Risks From Pain Relievers
Guest(s): Kevin Marzo, MD
Rx & OTC Pain Medications Can Carry Health Risks Featured
Topic: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Guest(s): Adam deJong, MA, FACSM, FAACVPR
Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation; What To Expect Featured
Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation; Returning To An Acti...
Guest(s):Adam deJong, MA, FACSM, FAACVPR
Topic Info:Adam deJong, MA, Cardiology Manager at William Beaumont Hospital, comes on the show to discuss Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. He will discuss what to expect from these types of rehabilitation and how soon a patient can return to an active li ...
Show Date:2011-02-01
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Topic: Heart Disease Awareness
Guest(s): Monica Potter
Actress Monica Potter "Goes Red For Women" Featured Popular
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