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Topic: Seniors and Their Pets
Guest(s): Holly Nash, DVM, MS
Assisted Living and Therapy Dogs
Guest(s):Holly Nash, DVM, MS
Topic Info:Expert veterinarian, Dr. Holly Nash from Doctors Foster & Smith joins Babara to discuss a significant percentage of our population...Baby boomers and senior and the role pets play in their lives from companionship to Therapy and assistance trained animals ...
Show Date:2011-09-27
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Topic: Important Information on Facing Illness and Palliative Care
Guest(s): Dr. Tanya Stewart
Palliative Care and Quality of Life Featured
Illness and the Human Spirit
Guest(s):Dr. Tanya Stewart
Topic Info:Dr. Tanya Stewart, Medical Director of Evercare joins the show to discuss how quality of life is the cornerstone of palliative care, and shares her perspective on illness and the human spirit.
Show Date:2011-08-26
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Topic: Accessible and Healthy Living
Guest(s): Cynthia Leibrock
Universal Design: Accessible Living for Everyone
Guest(s):Cynthia Leibrock
Topic Info:Award winning author, lecturer and founder of Easy Access to Health, LLC, Cynthia Leibrock joins Dr. House to discuss accessible and easier living for the elderly and disabled. Also improving your health with accessible universal design.
Show Date:2011-05-03
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Improving Health with Accessible Universal Design Featured
Topic: Advice For MS Caregivers
Guest(s): Lainie Messina
Home Health Care Tips For Living With Multiple Sclerosis Featured
Topic: Why End-Of-Life Planning Is Important For Your Family
Guest(s): Joanne Harvey, MSW
Hospice Care & End-Of-Life Planning
Guest(s):Joanne Harvey, MSW
Topic Info:Hospice counselor Joanne Harvey joins Dr. DeSilva to talk about what hospice is, and why it's important to know about your own, or a loved one's options as end-of-life nears. She also shares her perspective on the controversial "end-of-life planning" revi ...
Show Date:2011-01-11
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Topic: Make The Best Senior Living / Residential Care Choice
Guest(s): Cecelia Sanders
Understanding Senior Housing Options Featured
Topic: Perspectives On Medicare Part D Enrollment Plans
Guest(s): Dr. William Fleming
Seniors Don't Be Left Out During Medicare Part D Enrollment
Guest(s):Dr. William Fleming
Topic Info:Dr. William K. Fleming joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss to the importance of Medicare Part D and selecting an appropriate prescription coverage plan.
Show Date:2010-12-07
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Topic: November Is National Caregivers Month
Guest(s): Cindy Laverty
Caring For An Aging Loved One
Guest(s):Cindy Laverty
Topic Info:Would you know what to do if, overnight, you became the caregiver for a loved one, family member, or friend? Cindy Laverty joins Danica to talk about the challenges of care-giving for an elderly or infirm loved one.
Show Date:2010-11-09
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Navigating The Complex Role Of The Caregiver Featured
Topic: Cancer Schmancer
Guest(s): Fran Drescher
Special Guest: Fran Drescher - Cancer Schmancer Featured Popular
Topic: none
Chrones Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (5 gifts of illness) Featured Popular
Show Date:2007-04-07
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Strokes & Brain injury recovery
Show Date:2007-04-04
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Alzheimer's care and related dementia ,Home health care, Geriatric care management / Deciding w...
Show Date:2007-03-26
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Barriers to self-care and healthy living, and how to overcome them.
Show Date:2007-03-19
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Behaviors that baffle us in good people / Concussions and young athlethes
Show Date:2007-03-17
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