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Dr. Theresa Pantanella
A Toxic World: The Clinical Evidence for Detoxification
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Revealing that every adult man and woman may have 5,000 or more toxins circulating in their bodies, show host Dr. Klatz and guest Dr. Pantanella discuss the serious health issues that may be associated with a chronic toxic burden. Dr. Pantanella reveals the detoxification therapies that are clinically proven to help reduce an individual’s toxic load.
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Dr. Theresa Pantanella is the Founder of Aquamed Centers, LLC located near West Palm Beach, Florida and Florida Aquatic Therapy & Exercise, with five locations throughout South Florida. Dr. Pantanella has specialized in aquatic rehabilitation for the past fifteen years of her extensive 22 year career in rehabilitation. As a therapist, she has treated numerous individuals suffering from neck and back pain, musculoskeletal joint pain as well as leading water exercise classes for people interested in fitness.
Dr. Ronald Klatz
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