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Dr. Patrick Maguire M.D.
Pancreatic Cancer
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Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs did amazing things, even after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The high tech world would not be the same had he simply thrown in the towel upon discovering that he had cancer. Dr. Patrick Maguire M.D. Medical doctor and researcher / Cancer specialist / Author, joins Melanie Cole M.S. to discuss “The Missing Cancer Manual” his new book that provides layman’s-term answers for those facing one of life’s most frightening realities. He also talks about the newest research and treatments for Pancreatic Cancer.
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Since completing his cancer specialty training at Duke University Medical Center, Dr. Patrick Maguire has been caring for patients with cancer in coastal North Carolina for 11 years. He has published multiple scientific articles on the treatment of cancers including those of the head and neck, lung, prostate and soft tissues. He is the principal investigator of two major five-year Cancer Disparities Research Partnership grants awarded by the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Maguire, his partners and staff were recently awarded the prestigious American Society of Clinical Oncology Clinical Trials Participation Award for 2010.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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