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Show: Health Talk Radio w/ Melanie Cole M.S.

Stuart Tomc
Americas Obesity Epidemic
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According to a new report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Trust for America's Health, obesity rates soared in 16 US states last year and held steady in the remaining 34 -- with twelve states now boasting obesity rates over 30%. Health Educator Stuart Tomc joins Melanie Cole M.S. to discuss his assertion that high-carb, high-trans fat, high-sugar meals are what causes America's obesity numbers to keep rising, and that fish oil may be one of the most important answers to obesity.
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With over twenty years experience in the field of Nutritional Medicine,Stuart Tomc is an authority on evidence-based dietary supplements. He is a respected consultant to the World Health Organization and integrative physicians worldwide. Tomc has given thousands of lectures and radio interviews referencing scientific research on natural alternative therapies. Today, he serves as Educator and Spokesperson for Nordic Naturals.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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