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Sharon Jakubecy
Potential Hazards in the Workplace Effecting Your Health
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Think you are safe while sitting at your desk? Think again. There are dangers lurking all around your workplace. All the stresses you encounter on a daily basis at work can take a toll on your health. There's not enough time to go out and pick up something for lunch, so you turn to the vending machine, filled with candy bars and processed, sugary foods. And now, the World Health Organization has placed cell phones on the list (alongside lead, DDT, and engine exhaust) of things that possibly cause cancer. This week on To Your Good Health Radio, Dr. Friedman talks with experts who can help all of us eliminate some of these dangers.
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Sharon Jakubecy started studying the Alexander Technique 12 years ago to alleviate chronic pain in her hips. She experienced such calm and ease in her body, she knew she had to share this with the world. Sharon helps writers, doctors, singers, actors, among others to achieve peak performance by giving them the tools to release harmful tension. Sharon will be joining the show to share with us this technique and how to manage the stresses we encounter in the workplace.
Dr. David Friedman
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