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Dr. Adam Ramin
Mens Health
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Dr. S. Adam Ramin is one who doesn’t mind talking about those men’s health issues that most men are uncomfortable speaking about. Dr. Adam Ramin joins Dr Friedman to give vital information on how to keep the prostate and urinary track healthy!
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Dr. Ramin is a leading Los Angeles surgeon and Urologist and an expert on prostate cancer. He is one of the first surgeons to ever perform Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy. Dr. Ramin has published numerous peer review articles and research papers on prostate cancer. He has trained other urologists in techniques of minimally invasive laparoscopy and robotic surgery. As a nationally recognized expert in performing and teaching robotic surgery, he has been invited to teach laparoscopic robotic surgery in California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Texas, and Colorado.
Dr. David Friedman
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