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Dr David Friedman
Potential Hazards in the Workplace Effecting Your Health
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Think you are safe while sitting at your desk? Think again. There are dangers lurking all around your workplace. All the stresses you encounter on a daily basis at work can take a toll on your health. There's not enough time to go out and pick up something for lunch, so you turn to the vending machine, filled with candy bars and processed, sugary foods. And now, the World Health Organization has placed cell phones on the list (alongside lead, DDT, and engine exhaust) of things that possibly cause cancer. This segment on To Your Good Health Radio, Dr. Friedman discusses how to have a healthy body in the workplace.
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Dr. David Friedman is a disciplined visionary and a man of action! He is a renowned educator and lecturer in the field of nutrition. He is a Chiropractic Physician, Doctor of Naturopathy. He has received post-doctorate certification from Harvard Medical School and is a former teacher of neurology. He's a member of the Naturopathic Medical Association and has been honored in the National Who's Who directory for the past 8 years. Dr. Friedman has authored three books and written articles for several national magazines. Dr. Friedman is the health expert for Lifetime Television's morning show "The Balancing Act" and can been seen coast to coast every Monday at 7:30 am on "The Balancing Act". Dr. Friedman is often called "The Chiropractor to the stars" because his list of patients include some of today's top celebrities and movie stars. In fact, many celebrities fly Dr. Friedman across the country to treat them because they trust no one else. A decade ago, the nutritional industry was predominately filled with pills and capsules. Dr. Friedman lit the world on fire by putting liquid nutrition on the map. After 20 years in practice, he became frustrated by the void he found in the world of nutrition and spent 3 years formulating and perfecting his revolutionary product, Chews-4-Health.the WORLD'S FIRST full spectrum super fruit/sea vegetable and antioxidant chewable.
Dr. David Friedman
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