Kids , Discipline.and Punishment...How Much is EnoughKids , Discipline.and Punishment...How Much is Enough

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David Swanson, Psy.D.
Kids, Discipline and Punishmnet
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Every parent wants a close, loving relationship with their child. It is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. But, as any parent can tell you, behavior problems often get in the way of that closeness, making it tougher for us to truly feel close and often leaving us wishing we could enjoy space away from our child.

Dr.David Swanson, Psy.D. comes on the show to discuss his Book "Help! My Kid Is Driving Me Crazy", and give parents practical advice on everything from discipline and punishment, to manipulation by kids and the ways parents can stop this behavior.
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Dr. David Swanson, a licensed clinical psychologist and an award winning author practicing in Encino, CA. Dr. Swanson treats children, teens and families suffering from social, relational, emotional and behavioral problems. As a married father of three boys, Dr. Swanson lends plenty of hands-on experience. From potty training to sleep training: play dates to piano lessons: sports to academics: and discipline to cuddles, he knows first hands the current issues families face today. He is well known throughout the community because of his success with children, teens and parents. As a result, thousands of families have turned to him for help. As part of his treatment regimen, Dr. Swanson educates parents on specific parenting strategies. Dr. Swanson holds two Master’s Degrees and a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology. In addition to his practice, he frequently serves as a media consultant and has appeared on several television news programs including The TODAY Show, The Early Show, EXTRA, CBS/KCAL, FOX11 and the KTLA Morning News. He has also been interviewed by local and national radio outlets across the country including CNN, ABC Talk Radio and Family Life Radio. Stories featuring Dr.Swanson have appeared in The Daily News, The San Diego Tribune, LA Parent and Ladies Home Journal. In addition, he has addressed media-related corporate groups including DreamWorks, SKG. Dr. Swanson is the author of the award winning book, "Help - My Kid is Driving Me Crazy: The 17 Ways Kids Manipulate Their Parents and What You Can Do About It." This ground-breaking book serves as a quick-reference guide designed to give parents the answers they need in order to effectively put an end to problematic behaviors in 3 minutes or less. It features Dr. Swanson's new model which allows parents to quickly identify their child's temperament, allowing them to 'tailor-make' a home structure to greatly reduce problematic behavior in the future (regardless of the child's age). Well received, Dr. Swanson's book has won the Honors Award from the National Parenting Publication Practice Information: In 2003, Dr. Swanson established Swanson, Conti and Associates SCA is a private practice psychological corporation that focuses on treating the needs of children, teens and families.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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