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Ken Hudson and Joel Nowak
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Prostate cancer strikes one in six men. More than 200,000 American men per year are diagnosed with prostate cancer and it kills more than 32,000 annually. Former NBA Referee Ken Hudson and Prostate Cancer Survivor Joel Nowak join the show to reveal why this past year has been a truly revolutionary one in the treatment of prostate cancer and how this new therapeutic option is changing the way physicians and patients look at the disease. They will discuss how this new approach to treatment "personalizes" therapy by activating a patient's cells to target cancer cells. They will also share their perspective on how this novel therapy is changing the decades-long war on cancer.
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Ken Hudson - Ken Hudson of Atlanta has been fighting prostate cancer since 1997. Always known for breaking barriers— Ken was one of the first African American referees for the NBA— he continues to blaze trails in the fight against his disease. Ken became one of the first men in the Atlanta area to be treated with PROVENGE, the first FDA-approved immunotherapy for men with certain forms of advanced Prostate cancer. For 22 years, Ken worked for Coca-Cola leading marketing initiatives along the east coast. Today, Ken continues to provide outstanding leadership and service in youth development in the Atlanta area through the Mayor’s office and Cascade United Methodist Church. Joel Nowak - Joel is a prostate cancer survivor (as well as a survivor of three other forms of cancer) who is Director of Advocacy for Malecare Advanced Prostate Cancer Programs. He is a father of two sons and is passionate about prostate cancer education.
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