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Heather Buck
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Heather Buck is a 20 year old who lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Heather rides horses competitively and won a World Championship with her horse Annie. She has been a strong competitor in both Colorado and the surrounding states. In the summer of 2010 she was practicing at local roping when the unexpected happened. Josie, the horse she has performed with for years while she was in the Pikes Peak Rangerettes, stumbled and fell to the ground throwing Heather to the ground. The horse got up, but Heather remained in dirt unconscious with a traumatic brain injury. Later she recovered from a coma and completed rehabilitation. One year later she competed in the same arena where she was injured. Now Heather enjoys being involved in her local church and plans to attend an online college for a business degree. When not riding her horses or competing, she enjoys hanging out with friends, being involved in her church's college group and spending time learning about the stock market. Heather has been working at Taco Bell for almost 6 years now and has also gotten a job at a local consignment tack store for horses. She has strong Christians values and believes in power of positive thinking and the power of prayer.
Dr. Glen House
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