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Behzad Khosrovi, M.A., Ph.D.
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The incidence of drug-resistant hospital infections is growing at an alarming rate, and strains of bacteria are now emerging that are resistant to all known antibiotic drugs. NovaBay is actively searching for the next generation of antimicrobial compounds that can not only stop the infection but also do so in a way that will ensure they don’t create more resistant strains that we’ll have to combat in the future.

Senior VP of Product Development for NovaBay Pharmaceuticals joins the show to discuss the rapidly growing problem of antibiotic resistance and what NovaBay is doing about it.
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Behzad Khosrovi, M.A., Ph.D., Chief Alliance Officer and Senior Vice President of Product Development, NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Dr. Behzad Khosrovi has directed research and development for NovaBay Pharmaceuticals since he joined the company in 2003. He currently serves as NovaBay’s Chief Alliance Officer and Senior Vice President of Product Development.

Dr. Khosrovi plays a major role in managing collaborations between NovaBay and its corporate partners Alcon and Galderma.

Dr. Khosrovi’s accomplishments managing new drug and biologic research span more than 30 years. He has in-depth experience in the chemistry, manufacturing, preclinical, clinical and regulatory requirements for both biologics and drugs, as well as a long history of product development achievements. Dr. Khosrovi has taken numerous diverse product candidates through the FDA's Investigational New Drug procedure, with three of these approved and currently sold in both the U.S. and Europe.

Prior to joining NovaBay, Dr. Khosrovi was vice president of development for Neurobiological Technologies Inc. He also served in various roles of escalating responsibility at Cetus Corp., where he was ultimately vice president of development. He has acted as a consultant to several biotechnology companies, advising on manufacturing, quality control and product development.

Educated in England, Dr. Khosrovi received his M.A. degree in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge and earned his Ph.D. in applied microbiology & biochemical engineering from the University of Manchester.
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