Wednesday, 31 August 2011 21:14

Health Talk Network Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

    It may be hard for many people to remember that back in 2006 the online world was a very different place than it is today. There were, of course, no iPads or smart phones and most people had to rely on sporadically located Wi-Fi spots in order to have any mobility - and even that meant lugging around a heavy laptop to the corner coffee store.

    In the past five years there have been incredible advancements in technology and now broadband is extremely mobile. It is the mobility of broadband that has allowed for the explosion in the growth of Internet Radio to some 180 million monthly listeners.

    With essentially no funding whatsoever, a couple of seasoned Chicago broadcasters with a vision, who happen to be father and son, along their webmaster nephew/cousin, pioneered a 24/7 Internet Talk Radio platform with a simple mission: to disseminate vital health and medical information to health conscious consumers in spoken word form. Actually Talk Radio form.

    Working with medical media superstar, Dr. Michael Roizen, MD (partner to Dr. Oz), as well as seasoned health broadcasters Dr. Derrick DeSilva, MD and Melanie Cole, MS - Tim Disa, Sr., Tim Disa, Jr. and David Earley developed talk shows specializing in health, wellness, fitness, and medicine as well as the digital platform that houses the audio content.

    With passion and focus the group used its knowledge of the broadcasting industry, particularly Talk Radio, to grow its product steadily.

    Along the way they honed the craft and differences of Internet Radio and made the changes and discoveries that allowed for their survival. Two years ago they caught the attention of a Florida based health products and services company and formed a new partnership.

    Now, five years after launching the first live programming on, the company is celebrating five long, hard - but always exciting - years in businesses. is really TWO services. Any time, day or night, people can go to and click the Listen Now button prominently displayed on the home page. That's the equivalent to flipping on the radio. People will tap into the real time audio stream, perhaps in mid-sentence, and hear whatever health talk show happens to be scheduled at that time.

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