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Soyfoods: Good to Eat and Good for Your Health New! Featured

Soyfoods: Good to Eat and Good for Your Health
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James W. Anderson, MD
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Soyfoods have played an important role in Asian cuisines for centuries. In recent years they have become popular in Western countries because of their nutrition and health properties. Soyfoods are excellent sources of high-quality protein and provide a healthy mix of polyunsaturated fat. In addition, independent of their nutrient content, there is very intriguing evidence indicating soyfoods reduce risk of several chronic diseases including coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and certain forms of cancer. James W. Anderson, MD, University of Kentucky Professor of Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, Emeritus, comes on the show to discuss The Soyfoods Council and the benefits of Soyfoods on our health.
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Jim Anderson, a native of Hinton, West Virginia, graduated from West Virginia University and Northwestern Medical School. He trained in internal medicine and endocrinology at the Mayo Clinic. After five years at University of California in San Francisco, he moved to University of Kentucky (UK) in Lexington in 1973. In 2008 he became Professor, Emeritus. He directed the UK Health Management Resources Weight Management Program for 25 years and is Founder and former President of the Obesity Research Network. Dr. Anderson currently divides his time between research and consulting. His current research interests relate to nutrition and health, obesity, and meditation. He pioneered use of high fiber diets for treatment of diabetes and helped launch the “oat bran craze.” His New England Journal analysis of the favorable effects of soy protein on serum lipoproteins (1995) supports the subsequent health claim. His current article (2011) affirms these early observations indicating that soy protein intake reduces risk for cardiovascular disease. An active writer, Dr. Anderson has published over 400 research articles, book chapters, education articles and books. He edited Nutraceuticals, Glycemic Health and Type 2 Diabetes (Blackwell, 2008) and his weight and health management book for consumers, The Simple Diet, will be published in Dec. 2011. He has taught and counseled undergraduates, medical students, nutrition graduate students, medical residents and fellows, and practicing physicians and also supervised the Masters and Ph.D. students. He has been able to lecture in Australia, China, Europe, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Latin America, and Russia. He founded the HCF Nutrition Research Foundation in 1979, and serves as President and Chairman of the Board. Jim has been married for 54 years. They have two children and five granddaughters. Gay and Jim moved to Hermitage, TN in 2011 to be near family. He is active in a Baptist Church, where he has served as deacon and Sunday School teacher. He has been on the Board of Trustees for Georgetown College in KY and served as Chair for 3 years.
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