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Dr. David Smiley and Debbie Johnson
Focused Imagination and Body Image
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Hollywood Producer, Dr. Dave Smiley and author, Debbie Johnson join the show with an exclusive interview about the soon to be released DVD, "The Inner Weigh." The release date coincides with National Love Your Body Day (October 20, 2010).
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Debbie Johnson, author of Think Yourself Thin, wrote the book after losing 40 pounds without special diets or exercise regimens. She has kept the weight off for over 25 years, strictly using "thinking thin" techniques that are at the heart of "The Inner Weigh" methods.

Johnson developed a special technique all her own that she terms "focused imagination." Her background in education, psychology, sales and spiritual studies gave her the raw materials she needed to come to the realization that fat is only as firm as the imagination believes it to be! Her key point is that the imagination controls the subconscious and the subconscious controls all major glands and functions. Thus, we can control weight via the imagination.

Radio and television interviews are a comfortable venue for Johnson, as well as speaking and leading workshops. She has done hundreds of radio and television interviews and is a frequent return guest. She surprised the publishing world by single-handedly selling 20,000 copies of Think Yourself Thin in its original booklet form and 10's of 1,000's more in trade paperback. Then Disney's publisher, Hyperion picked it up and sold many more. Johnson loves a challenge and when told something is impossible, smiles, gets going, and makes it happen!

Johnson now has many books published, including eBooks. Debbie is at home in the country, hiking and beach walking, as much as she is at the theater and ballet. She enjoys dancing, cooking (and eating!), swimming and exploring.
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Think Yourself Thin
Dr. David Friedman
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