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Camilla Rees
Potential Hazards in the Workplace Effecting Your Health
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Over the course of the past decade, numerous electromagnetic field sources have become the focus of health concerns, including cancer! Things we encounter everyday like power lines, microwave ovens, computer and TV screens, security devices, radars and most recently, mobile phones and their base stations. That's right! The World Health Organization issued a warning that cell phones may, in fact, cause cancer. Camilla Rees, health and environment advocate and founder of joins the show to inform us on how we can protect ourselves.
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After a career in investment banking, venture capital and marketing communications, Ms. Rees now is dedicated to serving the transformation of health care so that it better meets patient needs and to raising awareness of hidden, unacknowledged drivers of health care costs. Camilla has studied widely in medical, scientific, complementary and alternative medicine, health enhancement and self-empowerment fields, and for 15 years has advised patients on health restoration strategy, developing multi-pronged health improvement programs using her 'wide angle' health frameworks. She has served as an Integrative Care Counselor, Patient Advocate, Cancer Guide, facilitator of Hellinger Constellations, educator in mental imagery, business coach to entrepreneurs and as an environmental consultant remediating electromagnetic fields. She co-produced The Natural Laws of Self Healing: How to Harness Your Inner Imaging Power To Restore Health and Reach Spirit with a leading psychiatrist, published by Nightingale-Conant, and her educational materials in imagery are now part of a continuing education curriculum for psychologists. Camilla has organized many panels on health, health care reform and environmental topics.
Dr. David Friedman
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