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Jolly Backer
Potential Hazards in the Workplace Effecting Your Health
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Move over Snickers, it's time for something more satisfying; Fresh Healthy Vending. Jolly Backer, founder, is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. As a father of five children, he strongly supports healthy food choices in schools and is an avid supporter of workplace wellness. He is proud to be pioneering the first healthy foods franchise business model in a market that, until now, has been monopolized by junk food: vending machines. Jolly will be joining Dr. Friedman on the show to discuss how important healthy vending machines are in the workplace, offering convenience and healthy options at the same time.
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With the school systems today catching heat across the country due to their questionable lunch and vending machine options, Backer saw it as a business opportunity – one that would not only give children across the country more opportunities for better quality, more nutritious foods, but would also provide a bevy of franchisee opportunities for those looking to start their own small business. Backer has had an extensive career in the video/vending sector, including responsibility for over $250 million in equipment sales at such places as Stern Pinball, Sega, Bally/Midway, and Capcom USA. Holding executive positions at these prestigious companies gave him the senior management experience he needed to prepare him for his latest venture, Fresh Healthy Vending. Once Backer realized the market potential that exists for healthy food vending machines, he never looked back. Today, he has grown the business to over 65 franchises and 675 machine placements across the country, with new franchisees and locations being added each month. Under his leadership, Fresh Healthy Vending is revolutionizing the vending machine industry, helping to remove any negative stereotypes that once existed about vending-machine offerings. These vending machines are only stocked with natural, nutritious, healthy foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables. With nearly three decades of sales and marketing management, Backer is poised to help Fresh Healthy Vending remain the top vendor in healthy food vending machines. He has taken his original mission of putting healthier foods in schools across the country, and has expanded it to include making healthier options available in hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls and a variety of other locations, as well. He is finding that the public embraces his vision and passion with open arms, helping to fuel the rapid growth of the company.
Dr. David Friedman
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