How to Survive the Sugar Shock Season

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Doug Ingoldsby
Is Sugar Overconsumption Contributing To Your Stress & Lethargy?
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Doug Ingoldsby joins Dr. DeSilva to remind us that refined sugar is an unnatural substance, and creates heavy stress on the body. “Sugar is very similar chemically to alcohol, and both give us immediate highs and then severely crash our energy levels within hours,” says Ingoldsby. After an initial burst of euphoria, sugar abusers can become moody, anxious, depressed, unsociable, brain-fogged, quarrelsome, confrontational,hyperactive, or rowdy.
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Doug Ingoldsby, aka “The Vitamin Professor”, is the founder of ALLONE® supplements, manufacturer of the world's first high potency multiple vitamin/mineral/protein powder, ALLONE. Doug’s family has been pioneering in the vitamin business since 1936. His father, James, was responsible for creating the first "high potency" vitamin C tablet, and worked with nutritionist Adelle Davis to create the first "stress" formula vitamin and the first nutrition candy bar,“Tiger's Milk".
Dr. Derrick DeSilva
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