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Sara Chana
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As the landscape changes for motherhood and moms now find themselves not only juggling their children's carpool schedules and music lessons, but also vaccine debates, over-the-counter drug usage and mixed messages about healthy food options, real-life mom turned homeopath Sara Chana IBCLC comes on the show to help women navigate the ever-changing landscape of conventional medicines and natural remedies and guides women from adolescence through menopause.
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Sara is a Brooklyn-based, international board-certified lactationconsultant, birthing instructor, classical homeopath and herbalist. With over 2500 clinical hours in lactation and 500 clinical hours in classic homeopathy, Sara has strengthened women by educating them on how to treat and heal their children naturally as well as how to work with their doctors to work in tandem in decision making.

Most importantly, Sara is a mother of 7 and was introduced to homeopathy as a result of her 2nd son's severe eczema, reflux and asthma. As she went from specialist to specialist seeking a cure, each one told her that her son would need to be on medication for the rest of his life, Sara decided to look into alternative medicine. By educating herself and using homeopathic remedies, she was able to cure her son and now specializes in helping moms all over the country with natural remedies for their children.
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