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Dixie Stanforth
The Importance of Core Training
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AUSTIN, Texas – Forget the mat and crunches. An expert presenting today at the American College of Sports Medicine’s 14th-annual Health & Fitness Summit says core training can be done while standing – and is perhaps even more effective than typical torso exercises.

“Vertical” core exercises are more practical than training done on the ground, says Dixie Stanforth, M.Sc., because they move the body through multiple planes (forward, backward and side-to-side) and train the core in the way it is most often used – while standing. The “core” muscles are typically defined as those in the abdomen and back.

“Crunches are not as beneficial for real-life movement,” Stanforth said. “As people age, the core muscles tend to shut down and lose functionality – and that’s one of the main causes of low-back pain.”

Dixie Stanforth comes on the show to recommend progressing through three levels of exercises as the core grows stronger.
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Dixie Stanforth, M.S., is a lecturer in physical education, kinesiology and health education at the University of Texas. She is the author of numerous publications, including a book on aerobic dance exercise published by McGraw-Hill. She is an expert on core training and recently presented on the topic at the American College of Sports Medicine's 14th-annual Health & Fitness Summit.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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