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Dr. Nick Delgado, PhD
Pioneering Nutritional Approaches to Diabetes & Obesity
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Introducing the history of non-drug interventions that effectively counter diabetes, Dr. Nick Delgado explains key disease risk factors and how they may be managed naturally. With a primary focus on the role of fats in precipitating negative insulin changes, he explains the direct relationship between diabetes and obesity, and the quantity and quality of life. Dr. Delgado also outlines the role of hormones in diseases, and their effects in obesity, Metabolic Syndrome (pre-diabetes), and diabetes.
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Dr. Nick Delgado, PhD is a graduate of the University of Southern California, and has previously served as Director of the Nathan Pritikin Better Health Program. Motivated by his personal lifestyle-induced illnesses (obesity, hypertension and a frightening mini-stroke at age 23), Dr. Delgado has devoted his professional focus to nutrition and fitness studies.
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Be Fit & Energetic
Dr. Ronald Klatz
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