Training Your Active Pup for Agility - Pros and ConsTraining Your Active Pup for Agility - Pros and Cons

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Dr. Holly Nash
Agility and Sports for Your Dog
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Expert vet from Dr.'s Foster & Smith, Dr. Holly Nash talks about agility training and competition for dogs and the health benefits and precautions a dog owner should consider including sports related injuries and weight loss programs.
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Dr. Holly Nash received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Minnesota, and a Master's Degree in epidemiology (the study of the transmission, distribution, and control of disease) from the University of Wisconsin. She has worked in a primarily dairy practice, as a veterinary epidemiologist, and as a companion animal veterinarian.

Dr. Nash has been with Doctors Foster and Smith since 1998. She has always been interested in the human-animal bond and the education of animal owners, and finds being Editor of a perfect match. She enjoys and has had experience working with many species of animals, and is a member of the American and Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Associations.
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