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Douglas A. Perednia, M.D.
Administrative Complexity & Overhead Are The Silent Killers Of The U.S. Healthcare System
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Dr. Douglas A. Perednia joins Danika to explain why he believes that administrative complexity and overhead are the silent killers of the U.S. healthcare system.
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Douglas A. Perednia, M.D. is a physician, researcher, writer and expert on the use of medical information technologies. After graduating with a BA in Economics from Swarthmore College, he received his medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He completed residency training in Internal Medicine at Washington University and the University of Arizona, followed by a residency in Dermatology at Oregon Health and Sciences University. While at OHSU he served as an Associate Professor of Dermatology and Medical Informatics, and was a principal investigator on technology research projects for the National Cancer Institute and National Library of Medicine. Dr. Perednia subsequently served as the President of the Telemedicine Research Center and Association of Telehealth Service Providers, and CEO for Kietra Corporation. He is the founder and Executive Director of U.S. Healthcare, a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing and defending the rights and responsibilities of, and limitations on, the major participants in the U.S. healthcare system. These specifically include government, insurers, patients and providers.
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Overhauling America's Healthcare Machine: Stop the Bleeding and Save Trillions
Danika Quinn
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