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Dr. Steven Feinberg
Hoag Voice and Swallowing Center
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Director of Hoag's Voice and Swallowing Center, Dr. Steven Feinberg joins the show to discuss common and uncommon voice and swallowing disorders.
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Steven M. Feinberg, M.D. is a fellowship-trained laryngologist, specializing in voice and swallowing disorders. He completed a fellowship in laryngeal surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he served as an instructor in the department of surgery at Harvard Medical School. During his time at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Feinberg trained with the leading physicians in his field, and gained experience in minimally-invasive surgeries and cutting-edge technologies. Following his fellowship, he was recruited to Hoag Hospital in order to develop and direct Hoag Voice and Swallowing Center, a service of Hoag’s Neurosciences Center of Excellence.
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