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Andrew Schorr
Patient Advocacy
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Andrew Schorr comes on the show to discuss his new book "The Web Savvy Patient"
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Andrew Schorr is a pioneer in Internet health and medical programs who became a patient himself, participating in a clinical trial and surviving leukemia. This followed 25 years as a reporter, producer and national reality television programmer. Andrew began his broadcasting career at WBTV in Charlotte, N.C., and then became a national producer of Westinghouse Broadcasting’s PM/Evening Magazine, the nation’s number one syndicated television show and one of the first reality programs. Based in Los Angeles and later in Seattle. Andrew and his wife Esther, coproduced produced award winning national cable television medical documentaries and patient education videos. They also produced a daily national television program, Group One Medical and over 100 health and medical education videos. In 1992, Andrew invented telephone talk shows for patients and later was among the first to produce live webcasts for patients. That was the genesis of, cofounded with Esther. Andrew has been honored by many groups for his innovation in health communications and his devotion to helping other patients. He is the founder of Patient Power an online patient education resource located at and with Esther, the cofounder of the Patient Empowerment Network. . The Schorr family lives on Mercer Island, Washington, near Seattle. Andrew is indebted to Esther for her years of partnership and support, as well as her own commitment to patients.
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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