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David Robertson, amfAR Making AIDS History Ambassador
AIDS Awareness
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June 5, 1981, marked the first report of what would later be known as AIDS. Thirty years into the epidemic, researchers, physicians, and activists who lived through those early years look back at how advancements in awareness, prevention, treatment have changed the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS, and how there is renewed hope for a cure. David Robertson, amfAR Making AIDS History Ambassador comes on the show to discuss how advances in AIDS research are transforming lives and shaping dreams. He will share his personal story of heartache, courage, and triumph over adversity. Don't miss this very important show.
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David is an undergraduate college student majoring in sociology and humanities, an empowerment speaker to adolescence and young adults, and reproductive prevention expert for The University of Chicago’s Comer Hospital. David has created innovative curriculum's which included film, music and poetry to enable audiences worldwide with his message of hope. Working strategically within communities to enhance health and communication education and prevention. His mission is to empower the residents of these communities with the basic information for health and communication mechanisms. Diagnosed with HIV in 2007 he has made it his life obligation to execute effective provisions and prevention tools to decrease the numbers of HIV and STI infections among individuals 13-24 yrs old.

With a background in psychology, nonprofit marketing, and human communications; he communicates effectively to individuals who desire greatness and change for their families and communities. David aide’s individuals with his motto, H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Evolve). He strives to help unify families, organizations and communities with his testimony and statistics to help expose our cultures veiled truths:” the choices individuals are making are becoming not only detrimental to themselves but to those in surrounding communities
Melanie Cole, M.S.
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