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Dr. Robert Gerlach, DDS
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More than eight in 10 Americans ages 50-64 believe healthy teeth and gums are essential to maintaining overall good health, yet only a third say they are taking good care of their oral health according to Procter & Gamble/ADA Survey. Dentist and researcher, Dr. Robert Gerlach joins the show to discuss ways to achieve better oral health.
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Dr. Robert Gerlach is a Research Fellow in Worldwide Clinical Investigations at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, OH. In his role, Dr. Gerlach is responsible for studies evaluating the safety and efficacy of oral care products worldwide.

His clinical trials research includes initiatives in the areas of caries prevention, periodontal therapy, and more recently, esthetic dentistry, especially tooth whitening. With more than 100 studies, Dr. Gerlach is recognized as a leading clinical researcher in the area of whitening. His research has led to novel delivery systems for vital bleaching, and new dentifrice formulations for stain control.

A public health dentist, Dr. Gerlach's work in dentistry spans government, academics, industry and practice. Dr. Gerlach holds positions at prominent dental schools, he lectures worldwide on therapeutic and esthetic dentistry, and his research has been reported in over 200 manuscripts and published abstracts.
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