Getting the Proper Amount of Sleep is Important to Your Health

Show: Health Beat of America

Pete Bils
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Pete Bils is the vice chair of the Better Sleep Council. He is also a member of the American Pain Society, the National Sleep Foundation and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, an organization dedicated to the advancement of sleep research, public and professional education, and the assurance of quality care for patients with sleep disorders. As the vice president of sleep innovation and clinical research at Sleep Number, Bils is responsible for exploring the vital relationship between sleep and health. He manages the company’s efforts in clinical sleep research from study design to laboratory execution. Bils continually investigates the use of new technologies to promote better sleep, such as computerized pressure mapping to demonstrate the effects of various sleep surfaces on the human body. Bils has more than 15 years experience researching sleep and sleep patterns, and identifying the ideal conditions and behaviors that result in sound sleep and productive wakefulness.
Rochelle Herman
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