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Mitch Swanson
Overcoming Challenges and Making Life More Accessible
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Mitch Swanson joins the show to discuss the challenges wheelchair users face when they fill up their vehicles at gas stations. Mitch and his company have developed a call button to help make gas stations more accessible and wheelchair user friendly. Find out how you can help spread the word in your area to make this a standard practice at filling stations.
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Mitchell Swanson is a fifty year old grandfather, married for 28 years. In 1990, while working as a jet mechanic, Mitch broke his neck at C5-C6 in an accident leaving him paralyzed. In 1998, he lost his position at the airlines and became a stay at home Dad until 2006 when his children graduated. Mitch took a new job shortly after at a sales position which required a great deal of driving. He then found that driving was easier than he anticipated, but getting assistance on the road was a difficult task. Mitch implemented a call button for filling stations and hopes to spread the word to make gas stations more accessible across the country.
Dr. Glen House
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