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Theresa Marquez
Earth Day / Healthy Eating
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Earth Day, traditionally celebrated by the United Nations on the spring equinox, became a U.S. national holiday proclaimed by Senators Gaylord Nelson and John McConnell on April 22, 1970. It is a time to celebrate our planet, and all the life giving natural resources and beauty that the Earth provides and which we too often take for granted. Joining Dr. DeSilva with some healthy and GREEN food alternatives for your Earth Day Dinner is Theresa Marquez!
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Theresa Marquez: Chief Marketing Executive, Organic Valley Family of Farms - Theresa Marquez has been involved in food and farming since the mid 1970s. After wearing a variety of hats throughout the past 30 years, her current job is Chief Marketing Executive for the largest organic farmers cooperative in the United States, CROPP Cooperative, and its brand, Organic Valley Family of Farms®. CROPP consists of over 700 small and mid-size family farmers.
Dr. Derrick DeSilva
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