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David S. Kloth, MD
Pain Medication: Preventing a Troubling Addiction
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Chronic pain affects millions of people everyday in the United States. The effect of pain on the personal and professional lives of its victims can be devastating and far-reaching. One method for dealing with back pain are pain medications. Pain medications can be highly addictive and a patient can get themselves into trouble without even realizing it.

Joining the show to discuss how patients should best use their medication, as well as alternative options for dealing with back pain, is founder and President of Connecticut Pain Care, Dr. David Kloth.
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Dr. David Kloth is the Founder, Medical Director, and President of Connecticut Pain Care. He has been practicing full-time interventional pain management for almost 10 years. He is the President and Medical Director of Connecticut Pain Care which has offices throughout the State of Connecticut.
Deborah Watson
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