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"Health Beat of America" with Rochelle covers the latest medical & health information available today in an easy to listen to talk radio format for all ages! Guests include top scientists, authors, practitioners and doctors from all areas of health, including, allopathic western medicine, integrative
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specialists and holistic natural approaches. Listeners can participate during the live program or listen to the library of On demand segments available below or download and listen on-the-go.   Send your questions or comments to
irochelleNationally recognized show host for radio/TV since 1996 – One of the longest reigning TV talk show hosts in the greater Tampa Bay area. Shows & event coverage have aired on such stations as FOX 13, Baynews 9, ABC 7, ABC Action News, 10 Connects, SNN 6, BLAB TV, Tampa 21, CBS Radio, CNN IReports, Health Radio Network, Discovery Channel, Comcast Cable, 1280 WTMY, 1220 WSRQ, 930 WLSS, WPVN TV 24, Salem & Polnet Communications, Independent Affiliates, newspapers & magazines among others. Community activist. Since beginning as a TV talk show host on health & nutrition Rochelle has expanded into the realm of public interest topics inclusive of entertainment & medical reporting.

Rochelle is publically recognized for reputable reporting integrity integrated with the high profile guest coverage and clear communication skills in disseminating of news and information. She was featured in the LA Bulldog Report 2009 for her personal insight into communications & professional execution geared to educating industry reporting groups.   Her lighthearted flair and approach of news reporting & promotion’s has won her the trust of loyal fans around the globe. Serves as a select broadcaster for the U.S. Army "Faces From The Front" Operation Tribute to Freedom talking with soldiers from the front lines world wide. Associate publisher & writer for Florida Homes Magazine and partner of Image Digital Communications LLC. 

Select participant in the Florida Department of Health (D.O.H.) Educational video as a pandemic media training reporter.  Media liaison for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary & Homeland Security, Himalaya & Enzymedica Nutraceuticals.  Her radio shows have been included
in the ebook patterned after the book, Talk Radio Wants You: An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited, McFarland & Co. 2009 (a National "Best Books 2009" Awards Winner in the Business: Reference category). Former owner of a chain of health food stores in Florida. Rochelle’s passion for educating others on health & wellness continues in her daily routine & professional affiliations.

A strong dedication to the public and charitable contributions are woven into the fabric of the community through her outreach programs since 2006. Recipient of the Health Education Award for Positive Change Media, nominated business women of the year from Sarasota Fl., Chamber of Commerce, committee member for Salvation Army & advisory board member for Everglades University. Film inclusion of her radio program has been utilized by producer John Pocino of Capstone Films in :Duplicitous Behavior" and appearance in "Behind the Eight Ball."   Rochelle finds time as mentor, devoted mother and friend to her two children who she tries every day to give them the best in life. Including unconditional love, guidance of a strong moral compass, Spiritual awareness & consistency in faith & truth....

Special Edition Saturday "Today with Rochelle" Radio Show Airing 8-10am on 1280 WTMY

Weekly "Health Beat of America" Thursday's 3pm Nationally

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TV Show Host on Comcast Cable Network Channel 189 "Today with Rochelle" Tuesday's at 7pm

Show Host for for Health Beat of America, Tell Rochelle & Today with Rochelle, Rochelle on Suncoast Scene, Rochelle Shows Productions, Producer & Host for the Reality Show "Master Daters" and is a select broadcaster for the US ARMY Operation Tribute To Freedom "Faces From The Front" talking with soldiers from the front lines around the globe.
New Therapy Boosts Cure Rate in Childhood Cancer

Back-to-School Tips on Vision Care for Kids

Detecting Lung Cancer at Early Stage - Reduce Risk of Dying!

Understanding Pertussis: What Parents Should Know

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Topic: none
Guest(s): Dr. Joseph Gulfo; Ryan Malone; Ken Hudson and Joel Nowak
MELA Files a Citizen's Petition against FDA
Guest(s):Dr. Joseph Gulfo
Topic Info:On July 20, 2011, at 10:30 AM EST, the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a hearing entitled “Regulatory Reform Series #5 - FDA Medical Device Regulation: Impact on American Patients, Innovation and Jobs.” This is very timely, since Th ...
Show Date:2011-07-28
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Guest(s):Ryan Malone
Show Date:2011-07-28
Learn the Latest Options to Help Fight Prostate Cancer Featured
Topic: Debut Show
Guest(s): Melanie Cole, MS; Ryan Malone; Katie Van Tornhout and Dr. Siobhan Dolan; Dr. Susan Guzman
How HealthRadio Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
Guest(s):Melanie Cole, MS
Show Date:2011-07-14
The History of Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
Guest(s):Ryan Malone
Topic Info:Ryan Malone, Educator for Himalaya Herbal Healthcare joins Rochelle to share the history of Himalaya and explains the rich value of an old system of natural health with all the processes of modern pharmaceutical technology, as well as,their position of un ...
Show Date:2011-07-14
Understanding Pertussis: What Parents Should Know Featured
Living with Diabetes
Guest(s):Dr. Susan Guzman
Topic Info:Leading Psychologist, Dr. Susan Guzman, director of clinical services at the Behavorial Diabetes Institute joins the show to discuss keys issues and common fears of living with Diabetes.
Show Date:2011-07-14
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