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Dr. Susan Truong
Back to School Health, Healing and Mental Focus
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As National Eye Health Month is upon us, and kids head back to school, families will be looking for information and answers in regards to vision care for kids. Parents traditionally take their child to the pediatrician for a general check-up, to the mall to pick out new clothes and to the supply store for folders, notebooks and pencils. However, many parents don’t realize the importance of scheduling an eye examination before a new grade begins. Why is this so important? Reports show that up to 80% of learning in the classroom is based on vision. Thus, as kids head back to school this year, in addition to sharp pencils, they must have sharp eyesight. Dr. Susan Truong joins Rochelle to discuss the importance of vision check-ups as kids head back to school.
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Dr. Susan Truong graduated from University of South Florida in Tampa with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She worked in various research projects in the Tampa Bay area hospitals including protein chemistry and molecular genetics at Shriners Hospital, HIV research at All Children’s Hospital, and hematology at Brandon Hospital. She also spent some time working in Collagen R&D at Bausch & Lomb in Tampa.
Rochelle Herman
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