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Dr. Robert Gregg
Oral Health
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Dr. Robert Gregg, DDS, President of The Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry joins the show to discuss gum disease; how your bleeding gums could be a sign of something much worse! Also, new treatments for gum disease.
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Robert H. Gregg II, DDS, President and Chairman of the Board, Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc., President, The Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry -

Dr. Robert Gregg is a former faculty member at the UCLA School of Dentistry. He has been using lasers clinically since August 1990, including CO2, free-running pulsed (FRP) Nd: YAG, both single and variable pulsed; FRP Ho: YAG, surgical Argon, CW diodes and Er: YAG. He has given lectures both nationally and internationally on the subject of clinical laser applications, and has conducted seminars for the UCLA Department of Continuing Education. In addition to authoring several peer-reviewed articles on the clinical applications of FRP Nd:YAG for endodontic and periodontal uses, he is an author of the Curriculum Guidelines and Standards for Dental Laser Education, versions 1992 and 1998. Dr. Gregg has obtained his Mastership and Educator's Certification in the Academy of Laser Dentistry as provided for in the Laser Curriculum Guidelines. He has been appointed as a peer-review member of the Dentistry Today CE Editorial Board to review all CE articles related to the topic of lasers. He is a co-developer of the FDA-cleared PerioLase® MVP-7™ pulsed Nd:YAG laser, and is a founder of Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc. Dr. Gregg is also a co-developer and patent holder of the LANAPä laser periodontitis treatment. He maintains a group private practice where he sees patients.
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