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Dr. Renee Hsia
ER in Crisis: Fact or Fiction?
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Emergency department closures is becoming a serious problem in America and making it more difficult for patients in some areas to find emergency care when it's needed most! A new study in JAMA looks at what factors affect these closures. We will talk with the author who has done extensive research on this topic about what she has found.
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Dr. Renee Hsia is on faculty at the University of California San Francisco in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She received her medical degree from Harvard Medical School and received her master’s training in health policy, planning, and financing at the London School of Economics and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She completed her residency at Stanford Hospital and joined UCSF in 2007. While at UCSF, she has obtained $1 million dollars in research funding as principal investigator on a number of intramural projects as well as extramural projects, specifically the NIH CTSI KL2 Career Development Award and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Physician Faculty Scholars award. Over the past few years, she has published over two dozen original research papers in the area of population access to emergency departments and trauma centers in the U.S.; the distribution of emergency care across income areas; and factors associated with closure of emergency services (both emergency departments and trauma centers); and how these closures affect patient outcomes.
Dr. Leigh Vinocur
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