One ER Physician's Personal Experience Surviving a StrokeOne ER Physician's Personal Experience Surviving a Stroke

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Dr. Diana Fite
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We will get a unique inside view from a stroke survivor who is also an ER physician. Dr. Diana Fite joins Dr. Leigh to talk about her life-threatening stroke back in 2007 that occurred while she was driving. She’ll discuss what she knew what to do in that moment – and how that information saved her life!
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Dr. Diana Fite, an emergency physician in Houston, Texas was driving in May 2007 when the right side of her body suddenly felt weak. She realized it was a stroke when the car started to swerve. Because she is an emergency physician, she knew to call 9-1-1 to get help immediately, which is why she made such a great recovery. But she knows from her experience as a doctor that too many people ignore stroke symptoms or wait for them to go away, with tragic results. Dr. Fite received the Council Meritorious Service Award during the annual meeting of the American College of Emergency Physicians in October 2007.
Dr. Leigh Vinocur
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