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Dr. Lee Benjamin
Pressures Facing Teens and Young Adults
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As teens get ready to head back to school and go off to college, what information do we need to provide them to keep them safe? There’s a lot of pressure to succeed, fit in, make major life changes, etc. What effects do these pressures have on their health and what can land them in the ER? Our expert will talk about this.
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Dr. Lee Benjamin is an Assistant Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at Duke University Hospital in Durham, North Carolina where he has staffed the emergency department for the past eight years. He has been active with the American College of Emergency Physicians since he was a resident at Detroit Receiving Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, and currently serves on the pediatric and public relations committees for the college. Dr. Benjamin is a member of the North Carolina chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and serves as associate program director for the Duke University emergency medicine residency, winning numerous awards for his service within the program.
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