Is Your Hearth Healthy? (It May Not Be...)Is Your Hearth Healthy? (It May Not Be...)

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Richard Stein, M.D.
How To Improve Your Heart Health
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Americans think they are in better heart health than they really are. According to a recent American Heart Association survey, nearly 40 percent thought they were in ideal heart health, when in reality less than 1 percent of Americans have an ideal profile.
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Dr. Stein is director of the community cardiology program at New York University Medical Center and professor of medicine and cardiology at the NYU School of Medicine. He is the author of “Outliving Heart Disease – The 10 New Rules for Prevention and Treatment.” A noted cardiologist, lecturer and spokesperson for the American Heart Association, Dr. Stein has published over 65 articles and chapters in professional publications and is co-editor of a textbook for physicians on complementary and alternative cardiovascular medicine.
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Outliving Heart Disease – The 10 New Rules for Prevention and Treatment
Dr. Derrick DeSilva
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