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Dr. Mark Mackay
Important Stroke Information from the ACEP
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Although it’s rare, children and young adults can have strokes. In fact number of hospitalizations for teens and young adults with stroke is rising. A new study in the Annals of Emergency Medicine looks at early detection of stroke in children in the ER. We will discuss the findings of this important study with the author as well as what symptoms you need to be aware of if your child is having a stroke.
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Dr. Mark Mackay is a Paediatric Neurologist. He is Director of the Pediatric Stroke Program at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. His research interests relate to the development of strategies to improve early recognition and treatment of childhood stroke. He is member of the International Paediatric Stroke Study Group, a multinational research consortium, which aims to improve understanding of stroke causation and outcome through interventional studies.
Dr. Leigh Vinocur
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