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Topic: Back to School Health, Healing and Mental Focus
Guest(s): Nicole Dorrier and Gerard Fabiano
Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign
Guest(s):Nicole Dorrier and Gerard Fabiano
Topic Info:Nicole Dorrier and Gerard Fabiano join Rochelle to discuss the nation's largest smoking prevention campaign for youths...Truth.
Show Date:2011-08-11
Topic: Bill passed by House of Representatives is an assault on EPA, NIH, CDC and Affordable Care Act
Guest(s): Paul Billings
U.S. Senate Must Reject H.R.1
Guest(s):Paul Billings
Topic Info:The U.S. House of Representatives failed to protect the public health of all Americans by passing H.R.1. Paul Billings joins Dr. DeSilva to explain why the American Lung Association believes this bill ignores public health and will have dire consequences ...
Show Date:2011-03-07
Topic: Is Acupuncture A Useful Option?
Guest(s): Kyla Boles L.Ac.
Acupuncture 101 Featured
Topic: Smoking and The Tobacco Control Report
Guest(s): Thomas Carr, Director of National Policy at the American Lung Association
American Lung Association Releases 2010 State of Tobacco Control ...
Guest(s):Thomas Carr, Director of National Policy at the American Lung Association
Topic Info:Thomas Carr, Director of National Policy at the American Lung Association, comes on the show to discuss the new 2010 State of Tobacco Control Report, which tracks progress on key tobacco control policies at the federal and state level, assigning grades b ...
Show Date:2011-01-26
Topic: Cigarettes Double Alzheimer's Risk
Guest(s): Mark Underwood
A New Reason To Stop Smoking
Guest(s):Mark Underwood
Topic Info:Mark Underwood joins Dr. DeSilva to discuss a recent study of 21,000 baby boomers that found those who smoked more than two packs a day were 157% more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than non-smokers, and were 172% more likely to be diagnosed with ...
Show Date:2010-12-20
Topic: A Report of the Surgeon General, Smoking and Disease
Guest(s): Regina M. Benjamin, MD, MBA , Surgeon General
Surgeon General Discusses How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease Featured Popular
Topic: Quitting Smoking, Memory Boosting and RealAge Tips
Guest(s): Daniel F. Seidman, PhD
How to Be Smoke-Free for Good
Guest(s):Daniel F. Seidman, PhD
Topic Info:Daniel F. Seidman, PhD, author of "Smoke-Free in 30 Days", shares the keys to his highly successful quit plan that breaks both physical and emotional dependence on cigarettes. Plus, RealAge Tip of the Week - Could MSG Affect Your Waistline?
Show Date:2010-04-03
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Topic: Smoking Cessation
Guest(s): John R. Polito
New Year's Resolution: Quit Smoking for Good!
Guest(s):John R. Polito
Topic Info:John R. Polito, former 30-year three pack-a-day smoker and nicotine cessation educator and founder of WhyQuit.com joins the show with tips on how to quit smoking once and for all!
Show Date:2010-01-05
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Topic: The Impact of Second and Third Hand Smoke on Our Children
Guest(s): Dana Best, MD, MPH
How Secondhand Smoke Affects Our Kids Featured
AAP's Policy For Smoke Free Environments for Children Everywhere
Guest(s):Dana Best, MD, MPH
Topic Info:You do not have to be a smoker for smoking to harm you! Breathing in others smoke can easily cause us health problems. Now imagine how that secondhand smoke could harm our little ones...Dr. Dana Best, pediatric environmental health expert joins the show ...
Show Date:2009-11-11
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Topic: Helping Your Teen Stay Smoke Free!
Guest(s): Tammy L. H. Sims, MD, MS, FAAP
Don't Let Your Teen Get Addicted to Nicotine
Guest(s):Tammy L. H. Sims, MD, MS, FAAP
Topic Info:Does your teen smoke? Want to get them to quit? Well, first we must understand why teens smoke and get them to understand that although it may start innocently enough...smoking can lead to a very unhealthy lifelong habit. Dr. Tammy Sims joins the show ...
Show Date:2009-11-11
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Help Your Teen Quit Smoking Featured
Topic: Quitting Smoking
Guest(s): Dr. Saul Shiffman, PhD
Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Quit Smoking
Guest(s):Dr. Saul Shiffman, PhD
Topic Info:The new cigarette tax increase takes place on April 1st, 2009. Dr. Saul Shiffman joins Dr. DeSilva to explain why now is a great time to quit smoking!
Show Date:2009-03-31



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