Ziggy Cartoonist Shares Story of Losing Wife to Breast Cancer

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Tom Wilson, creator of Ziggy
Breast Cancer
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Hosts, Dr. Michael Roizen and Joe Galuski comment on health in the news, including seasonal flu vaccine, plus listener questions and The REAL AGE tip of the week: Reducing Dementia Risk

How does a man find new, original and humorous optimistic sentiments each day while watching his wife lose her battle with breast cancer? Ziggy cartoonist Tom Wilson reveals his story of love, loss and overcoming depression with the help of a character that millions of people smile at every day.
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Tom Wilson is the author of the phenomenally popular cartoon Ziggy, which is syndicated internationally in more than 600 newspapers. As President of Ziggy and Friends, Inc., and founder of Character Matters, Wilson has worked extensively with national organizations, non-profits, and corporations. A frequent speaker, branding consultant, artist, and father of two, Tom continues to write.
Book Title
Zig-Zagging: Loving Madly, Losing Badly- How Ziggy Saved My Life
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Dr. Mike Roizen
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