The Memory of MadnessThe Memory of Madness

Show: You The Owner's Manual w/ Dr. Michael Roizen

Mira Bartok
A Journey Through Mental Illness and RealAge Tips
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Mira Bartok, author of "The Memory Palace", shares the riveting story of how the brain injuries she sustained in a car accident helped her reconnect with -- and better understand -- her estranged mother, whose mental illness endangered her family for many years.

Plus, RealAge Tip of the Week - Eat These 3 Foods for Better Blood Sugar
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Mira Bartok is a Chicago-born artist and writer and the author of twenty-eight books for children. Her writing has appeared in several literary journals and anthologies and has been noted in The Best American Essays series. She lives in Western Massachusetts where she runs Mira's List, a blog that helps artists find funding and residencies all over the world. The Memory Palace is Mira's first book for adults.
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The Memory Palace
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The Free Press
Dr. Mike Roizen
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