How to Survive Being a CaregiverHow to Survive Being a Caregiver

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Jacqueline Marcell
Caregiving and Living Healthier the RealAge Way!
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Jacqueline Marcell, author of Elder Rage -- or -- Take My Father . . . Please! How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents, talks from experience about how to stay strong, safeguard your sanity, and hold onto the love when faced with the mighty challenges of looking after aging parents.

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Jacqueline Marcell is the author of ELDER RAGE, host of the COPING WITH CAREGIVING radio show, and an award winning INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER. “Elder Rage” is a Book-of-the-Month Club selection receiving 50 endorsements, 291 five-star Amazon reviews, is required reading at numerous universities for courses in geriatric assessment and management and being considered for a film.
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ELDER RAGE...OR Take My Father...Please! How To Survive Caring for Aging Parents
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Impressive Press
Dr. Mike Roizen
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