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Sandra Philipson
Living Carefree and Inspiring Our Youth
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Meet reading specialist, educational consultant and author of the Max and Annie children's book series, Sandra Philipson. Since 1999, she's been promoting youth literacy and writing by visiting schools and establishing a creative writing group at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation. Tune in to hear about her latest book and how she encourages children to tell their tales.

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Author, Sandra Philipson, is a reading specialist and consultant with a strong background in the education and publishing fields. She has written eight children’s books, including, "Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way." Prior to her career as a children’s author, Philipson published research papers in medical literacy and continues to consult in that area occasionally. Philipson holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and education from the University of New Hampshire and a Master of Arts from Tufts University. Philipson also earned a second Master’s Degree called a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS-- Masters plus 30 credits) in the reading/writing connection from the University of Connecticut and took advanced courses in reading and writing instruction at Kent State University. She is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. Further, since 2008 Mrs. Philipson has had a grant from the Cleveland Clinic Institute of Arts and Medicine to create and facilitate a creative writing group for children in the Chronic Pain and Rehabilitation programs at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for Rehabilitation, Shaker Campus. Philipson is also a frequent presenter at a variety of professional meetings.In the spring of 2002, TAG Family Entertainment of Hollywood, California, filmed a feature movie, Miracle Dogs, which was inspired by Philipson’s first book, Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way. Philipson’s real dogs and book characters, Max and Annie, had featured roles in this family film, and Philipson participated as Executive Co-Producer.
Dr. Mike Roizen
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