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Dave Rousett
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Dave Rousett, co-author of "The Hyaurlanic Acid Miracle" joins the show to discuss his newest book, which serves as a natural solution to anti-aging.
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Dave Rousett has worked in the health care field for over 34 years. He graduated with honors in 1976 with degrees in Science and Psychology from Portland State University. Immediately, he started a four year stint as a territory manager, first for a division of Block Drug and then for the "Derm" Division of Johnson & Johnson, educating doctors and pharmacists about Retin-A, Micatin and other drugs. Dave continued working with doctors when he moved into medical instrumentation, managing a team of medical diagnostic professionals. He set up outreach programs with Mayo Clinic, Emory University, USC LA County Hospital and several others. Until 1992, he lectured doctors at continuing education seminars throughout the US. In 1992, Dave became involved in the nutritional supplement field, working with the biochemists, Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, the writers of the Life Extension series of books.
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The Hyaurlanic Acid Miracle
Dr. David Friedman
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