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Vik Khanna, MHS, PA,
Baby Boomers; How You Can Reduce Your Risk For Disease adn Maximize Your Routine.
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Baby Boomers are at risk for many major chronic diseases. It is essential to find an intensity at which to exercise, and when you're working out, know when to pick up the pace —and when to back off a bit.

It is very important to think about exercise intensity when you're doing physical activity. It becomes very important to know how to measure exercise intensity. For the Baby Boomer set, It can help you be more fit and help you to get the most out of your workouts.

The intensity at which you exercise reflects the amount of oxygen your body uses to do an exercise and the number of calories you burn while doing it. In aerobic activity — such as walking, swimming or cycling — exercise intensity translates into how hard the activity feels to you.

Vik Khanna, MHS, PA, comes on the show to discuss the intensity at which you exercise and how Baby Boomers can get the best results from your workouts.
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Vik Khanna, MHS, PA, is the President and Chief Exercise Officer of Galileo Health Partners, LLC, a health consulting firm that provides fitness coaching using evidence-based physical activity and nutrition strategies. He is a Clinical Exercise Specialist(r) certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and a physician assistant. He is an expert on how an evidence-based exercise strategy reduces health risks, improves quality of life, and reduces reliance on the medical care system for people with, or at risk for, major chronic diseases, such as overweight/obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Vik is a road cyclist and runner, has 30 years of experience in strength training. He has served as strength coach for the Artemis Bicycle Racing Team of Washington, D.C., and Team BBC of the Baltimore Bike Club. He has also worked with runners, rowers, and athletes participating in a wide variety of other sports.
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